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Nanny services Vancouver

At Care Solutions Inc., our nannies are pre-screened and interviewed personally. In finding you an exceptional nanny, we consider your needs, personality, and expectations. You can expect a nanny who will be the perfect fit for your family either on a live-in or a live-out basis  We won't waste your time with unsuitable candidates. 

And our service doesn't end there.

On an on-going basis, we monitor your nanny's performance and are there to ensure a strong relationship between your family and your caregiver.

Care Solutions Inc. is there for your family, long-term.

Live-in Nannies/Caregivers

This is an option that is suitable for families who:

  • require irregular or flexible hours

  • are located in an area that is not easily accessible by pubic transportation

Live-out Nannies/Caregivers

A live-out nanny is an excellent solution for your family if:

  • your home is easily accessible by public transportation

  • if you don't have the extra room to accomodate your caregiver.

  • if you have a regular work schedule

Contact us for your FREE care assessment
Vancouver: 604.983.8407
Toronto: 437.888.3161

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