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Nanny Services Vancouver

Questions for Your Nanny Agency

When you want to find a nanny. Near me, is sometimes the criteria we look for. It would help instead to look for a nanny agency. A good nanny agency can provide you with an extra layer of screening, guidance, and background checking. Care Solutions is an agency that is a one stop for nanny services. Vancouver has a shortage of nannies.  The competition for the right nanny is strong. Our nanny agency makes it much easier for you. We can help by screening, arranging interviews, contract negotiations, trials etc.

Questions to ask the nanny agency: 

Who is doing the matching? Learn who is doing the matching for you and the potential nanny. Is the staff comprised of fellow working parents who are sympathetic to your needs and understand your requirements? Is it a group of businesspeople that use a matching engine to match families and nannies without the need to focus on the right match?

Who is doing the screening? It helps to really understand how the screening is being done so you feel more comfortable. Also pay attention to the screening process. What is the vetting process like? Do the nannies go through certifications or special training, such as first aid or CPR? All this screening information can make you feel confident that you are choosing a nanny agency that is going to find you exactly what you need.

How much time will the agency spend with you to understand your needs? The match is only going to be mutual if it works when both the family and nanny are happy. This can require some hand-holding throughout the process until things fall into place. Angie offers the added customer support that will allow for a smoother transition for both the nanny and your family. Finding out about how well the nanny agency communicates  will also be beneficial. Are you working with one specific employee or will you have to communicate with different people throughout the process?

How long has the agency been in business? This will give you an idea of how successful the nanny agency has been.  Angie has been in business since 1998 providing nanny services. Vancouver customers know us well. Angie's experience in screening is not easy to match.  As a mother who has raised three kids of her own and run a daycare she is a natural to run a successful nanny agency

How about references? Our nanny agency can provide you with excellent references.  References can ease your search for nanny services.  Vancouver has only one Care Solutions, a nanny agency you can always trust.

Please Apply for your nanny needs through us .

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