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disability caregiver

When looking for a disability caregiver, there are certain things to keep in mind

Understand Their Needs: It's one thing to know that your loved one needs a caregiver and it’s another thing to know why. What do they need help with? Will they need someone who can provide overnight care for elderly? Before you call a caregiver agency, here are some things to think about. 


Understand Your Finances: You need to fully understand your finances and what you and others in your family can afford before you start the search. The process can be overwhelming enough and you don’t want to add on to the stress with being overwhelmed by the costs.


Involve Everyone: If there are other relatives that are going to help then they should be a part of the decision and have given what they can contribute.


Decide between Private Care and a caregiver Agency: An caregiver agency may cost more but it comes with a number of benefits. The caregiver agency will do all the vetting for you, plus they already have the experience that is needed to provide quality care. It can be hard to vet individuals on your own.


Conduct Background Checks: If you are using an agency, check their process for background checks. If you are hiring an individual on your own, you need to run your own check.


Communicate with Your Loved One: It’s easy to start to jump in the process and move full speed ahead but take the time to communicate with your loved one. They should have a say and you don’t want to exclude them. If possible, include them in interviews since it’s better to judge the relationship this way.

Go with Your Gut: You want to do what feels right and even if someone has the experience and great references, you should always trust your instincts.

Whether you are searching for overnight care for elderly or for a full-time disability caregiver, contact Care Solutions Inc. Our 18 years of experience as a caregiver agency guides our searches for excellent caregivers that provide reliable, loving and warm environments to meet your needs.

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