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Full Time Live In Caregiver

Benefits of a Full Time Live In Caregiver

As someone is aging, it’s reasonable that he or she would need some help with everyday living activities. While there are different options, such as living with family, there are many benefits of hiring a full-time live-in caregiver.


Daily Life Made Easier: When basic activities of life become harder, it then hinders a senior’s ability to live with dignity. Some of these daily activities include grooming, dressing, bathing, and functional mobility. A full-time live-in caregiver is responsible for these needs and helps seniors based on specific abilities. In addition to these tasks, there is help around the home, such as doing laundry or cooking. Since a senior gets help with these tasks he or she has free time to enjoy hobbies, social activities, and rest. There is reduced stress regarding things getting done properly. There is a reduced risk of falls and injuries associated with chores. There is more dignity and self-esteem in having a clean home and a better personal appearance.


No Need to Lose Independence: Those who transfer to a nursing home feel a loss of independence. A full-time live-in caregiver from a caregiver agency allows seniors to stay in the home so they won’t lose their independence. Living in the home in the same neighborhood can provide a sense of self-assurance. With a live-in caregiver, the home can be safe and the senior's needs are still met. Staying independent is possible.


Private Attention: At a nursing home, seniors aren’t given one-on-one attention and it can be common for some employees to forget about your personal needs. With a full time live-in caregiver, you are given private attention that you need. Needs and wants are always considered first.


Help with Driving: As seniors age, driving can be more difficult and families can rest assured that seniors will have transportation to and from medical appointments, the grocery store, and other errands. Home caregivers know that there are still some things that need to get done during the day, regardless of age.

Personalized Meals: Nursing home meals may not be that great and there is a schedule with specific meals each day. By staying at home with the help of in-home care and a caregiver agency you get personalized meals with ingredients that you want.


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