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Dessert is not a reward

This nanny's approach has garnished a lot of attention. I actually used the same approach while raising my own kids:

"Isla’s perspective on food stands in stark contrast to conventional wisdom. She refrains from forcing children to finish their meals or dictating portion sizes.

Instead, she believes in teaching kids to listen to their bodies and hunger cues, supporting a mindful approach to eating.

Desserts are not withheld as a reward and are sometimes served with the main meal.

“I don’t make children finish their food or tell them how much they need to eat. No ‘three more bites’ - I want to teach children to listen to their bodies and their own hunger cues,” she shared in her video, which has been viewed 100,00 times.

“Food is not a reward. All food is good food, and sweet things are not something to put on a pedestal.”

Whilst I may not agree with all her views on raising children I found her advice on food makes sense. All my three children grew up to be very health conscious in their approach to food.


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