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What a great idea teaching kids about traffic safety

The City of Calgary has launched a Mobility Safety Education Toolkit to teach us how to talk about traffic safety with our kids.

They mention on their website: "The highlight of the toolkit is the Calgary in Motion! Activity Book, developed in collaboration with the Calgary Police Service, Alberta Motor Association (AMA) and Ever Active Schools. The 24-page booklet is geared towards children aged 5 to 12 and provides engaging activities on traffic safety.

Accompanying the activity book is a Conversation Guide, intended to empower adults to have meaningful traffic safety conversations with children. The guide provides tips on how to use the activity book as well as advice on how to engage children in traffic safety discussions.

The toolkit also features a Staying Safe on City Streets video series, with the first episode covering crosswalk safety.

"This toolkit has been created with the goal of highlighting and encouraging parents and caregivers to have traffic safety conversations with children," said Jacquelyn Oriold, Mobility Education Specialist at The City of Calgary. “Just as new drivers need to learn and practice their skills under supervision before traveling independently, children must also learn and practice safe walking and wheeling skills. Children learn by watching others, especially the adults in their lives. We encourage adults to talk about traffic safety, model safe travel behavior themselves and help children practice the skills that will develop future safe travel behavior." New mobility safety toolkit promotes traffic safety conversations between caregivers and children (


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