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Think of the details while hiring a caregiver

" The key to success is the hiring family’s commitment to reviewing the patient’s day and clearly defining the required roles and responsibilities. If you’re doing the hiring, be sure to figure out: 1) What is needed, where, when, and how—a companion, a personal support worker, any special equipment. 2) What does the parent really need, what do they want and who will they accept? These elements may not necessarily align. 3) What does the adult in charge need help with and what will they be able to accept and pay for. Don’t be surprised if these differ from what the parents say! If there is a significant gap, it’s essential to sort things out before proceeding further. 4) What skills are needed? 5) What type of person is needed—quiet or outgoing? 6) What other attributes are ideal, such as language or culture?

Your objective is to create a safe, well-run home that anticipates and meets your parent’s needs and expectations now and into the coming months."


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