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How to raise happy kids

We all want the fairytale family and that definitely means raising happy kids. So how c an we do that? How do we ensure a positive environment in the family? I would say it's like playing sport. When you start a game you go in for two things, first to "play" which means to enjoy and the second to win. Our coach used to always say try not to "think" about the obstacles to winning just go and play to win. Of course we lost some games and you know what that's Ok too.

Happiness researchers Laurie Santos and Arthur Brooks; a prominent Yale Professor of psychology and a Harvard professor that runs the Leadership and Happiness library say:

"“The No. 1 issue that I see in family dynamics is a social contagion of negativity,” Brooks told the

Harvard Business Review earlier this month. “That’s what each one of us has to turnaround, is to try to inject the happiness virus into our family and to basically do it on purpose.”

"Children who see the world as dangerous and threatening “are less healthy than their peers, more often sad, more likely to be depressed and less satisfied with their lives,” Brooks wrote in a column for The Atlantic last year, citing a 2021

psychology study. “They also tend to dislike their jobs and perform worse than their more positive counterparts.”



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