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Is it time to hire a Nanny?

Usually, you will need to decide between two common arrangements — sending a child to daycare or hiring a nanny who will watch the child in your home. The choice that makes the most sense for your family will depend on a variety of factors, including your lifestyle, budget and work schedule. The earlier you start planning the better off you'll be. In my experience, the basic telltale sign is If your family is starting to feel overwhelmed. The housework is piling up and quality time with family is vanishing.

Regardless of if you found your nanny three weeks ago or three months, make sure your nanny starts a week or two before your maternity leave ends. This will allow the nanny to get to know your child and his or her routines while you’re available to answer questions and provide guidance. This will also give you a chance to set expectations, see your nanny in action with your child, and ultimately, put your mind at ease.

Nannies typically stay with one family for years, so your kids will feel comfortable with one person to communicate with. They will get to know each other well. She will also understand your requirements and be a great asset for home management.

As a mom, ex-daycare operator and finding a nanny in Vancouver for so many families since 1998, I will help find the perfect nanny for your family. Please call me now at (778) 300-1845.


Call  (778) 300-1845 if you need a caregiver
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