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Social Media and Parenting

While there are many positive aspects to technology and social media it is always good to keep a sense of balance. For me I like to believe we can get some good cues from animals raising their young. They use imprinting as their teaching tool. In other words do as I do not as I say.

Here are some tips from :

" “By having lots of open ongoing conversations, parents can make a big difference by setting healthy and smart boundaries around what’s allowed and not allowed,” she says. “And a parent’s own use of technology actually also plays a pretty big role in how young people are using technology themselves.”

That said, read on for five of Nesi’s must-know tips for navigating this often daunting and challenging terrain as a parent.

1. Consider how you’re modeling healthy tech habits for your child

When it comes to other everyday aspects of life, like caring for your health or driving, you’re probably already aware of how you’re modeling certain behaviors for your child. Similarly, you’ll do well to notice your own habits around social media and technology, says Nesi, who acknowledges that’s definitely “easier said than done, because so many of these technologies are designed in ways for us to use mindlessly.”

It’s a case for adopting a more mindful approach when engaging with tech — meaning that you take a moment to be aware of how you’re using it and when it is getting in the way of your daily life and specifically in the way of your relationship with your child, says Nesi. “

“Once we become more aware of what’s working for us and what’s not working for us, then we can start to take steps to set goals around changes we’d like to make,” she explains. “Then, try to stick to those goals. Even just small changes — like setting aside certain times of day to get some distance from your device and making sure you’re present — can make a really big difference.” "


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